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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mesa, Arizona

Being charged with a crime in Mesa is one of the most difficult times a person can face.  Whether you're charged with a DUI, drug possession, or assault, the stakes could not be higher.  Contact an experienced Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney today if you have been charged or arrested.A criminal conviction could mean jail, prison, fines and probation… not to mention the possibility of losing your job and the respect of your loved ones.

The prosecutors have experienced attorneys working for them.  Don't you need someone in your corner who will fight for you?

Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson is a former felony prosecutor who has conducted over 70 trials to a jury.  As a former prosecutor and seasoned trial attorney, he knows how the system works and how to get the best results in your case.  Joshua S. Davidson will put his experience to work for you and maximize your chances of a dismissal or reduction in your charges.  Ultimately, if you case is not resolved before trial, a judge or jury will determine your guilt or innocence.  In addition to his vast jury trial experience, Mesa Attorney Joshua Davidson has tried hundreds of cases before judges involving charges ranging from assault to possession of drugs.  When it comes to defending your rights at trial, there is no substitution for experience.

Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer

Unlike many criminal defense firms who will pass your case down to an inexperienced associate, Joshua S. Davidson will personally handle your case.  With his proven track records, Mesa Defense Attorney Joshua Davidson has earned a reputation as a skilled and aggressive defense attorney who strives to provide every client with the best representation available.

The Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, PLC is devoted to the vigorous defense of individuals accused of criminal offenses in Mesa including: DWI/DUI Offenses, Drug Offenses, Vehicular Accidents, Alcohol Offenses, Domestic Violence, Theft, Robbery, Forgery, Burglary, Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft, Assault, Aggravated Assault, Weapons Offenses, Homicide, Post Conviction Relief and Probation Revocation matters.

If you have been arrested for DUI or any criminal offense in Mesa, contact Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson today!

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