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Mesa assault defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson is your voice in court.Under Arizona law, assault charges can be filed by the prosecution under a wide variety of circumstances.  In many instances, the prosecution will charge an individual with assault or aggravated assault even when the alleged victim never suffered an injury.  Typical examples include when an individual threatens another by displaying a gun, knife or other weapon in a threatening manner.  Ironically, some of the harshest prison sentences are handed down against individuals convicted of aggravated assault under these circumstances.  Mandatory sentencing laws in Arizona require a minimum sentence of five years in prison for threatening another with a deadly weapon – even if the individual has no prior criminal history whatsoever!  Needless to say, if you or someone you know has been charged with aggravated assault, you should contact a Mesa Assault Attorney who understands how to defend against these serious charges.

Mesa Assault Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson

Mesa assault defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson has handled hundreds of assault cases and understands the best way to have assault charges dismissed or reduced. He has also taken many assault cases to trial and understands how to best defend against an assault charge and maximize the possibility of obtaining a not guilty verdict

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