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Mesa Forgery LawyerForgery is an illegal act that is defined broadly under Arizona law.  Arizona Revised Statute 13-2002 states that a forgery can be charged when a person falsely makes, completes or alters a written instrument; or knowingly possesses a forged instrument; or offers or presents, whether accepted or not, a forged instrument or one that contains false information.

In Mesa, prosecutors often attempt to exploit the loosely written forgery laws and charge it whenever possible.  Most individuals facing either forgery or identity theft are shocked to learn that they can be charged even if they never presented the forged document or attempted to use the identity information involved in their case. As a former prosecutor, Mesa Forgery defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson knows how to identify and exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Mesa Forgery Defense Lawyer

The county attorney's office has recently targeted these offenses and zealously prosecutes them.  If you have been charged with a forgery or identity theft related offense in Mesa or anywhere in Maricopa County Arizona, your case will likely be prosecuted by a experienced attorney who specializes in these types of offenses.  Do not jeopardize your future and your freedom with a novice attorney if you find yourself caught in the prosecutor's crosshairs.  Remember, your initial consultation is free and we are always available.

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