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Mesa Attorney Joshua S. Davidson may be able to help you seek post-conviction relief.If you have been convicted of a crime in Mesa, Arizona after a trial, you have the right to file a direct appeal and have your case reviewed by a higher court.  If you enter into a plea agreement or plead guilty, however, you generally forfeit your right to an appeal.  Mesa Defendants who waive their appeal rights still have the right to seek post conviction review of their case by filing a Petition for Post Conviction Relief or a “Rule 32”.  Issues that can be raised during Rule 32 proceedings include:

  • Ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Denial of right to due process under law
  • Newly discovered evidence

Mesa Post Conviction Lawyer

In Mesa, you have only 90 days after sentencing to file a Notice of Post-Conviction Relief.  If you fail to timely seek post conviction relief from the court, you could be barred from ever challenging your guilty plea – regardless of how poorly your prior attorney may have performed.

Mesa post-conviction relief attorney Joshua S. Davidson will sit down with you, examine your case, and help you develop potential legal and factual issues that may permit you to withdraw your guilty plea.

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