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Probation Violation Lawyer in Mesa, Arizona

Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson can help you with your probation violation case.If you have been placed on misdemeanor of felony probation for a prior Mesa criminal conviction, your probation can be revoked if the court finds that you violated any of its terms.  If you are on probation for a felony offense in Mesa, being found in violation could result in additional jail time or even being sent to the Arizona Department of Corrections for a prison term.  Common Mesa probation violations include:

  • Committing a new offense
  • Failing to report to your probation officer
  • Failing to pay fines or restitution
  • Not completing community service
  • Failure to complete court-ordered counseling

Although your probation officer has the authority to file a petition to revoke your probation, the ultimate decision is up to the judge.  Individuals accused of violating their probation in Mesa, Arizona are entitled to a violation hearing.  At the conclusion of the hearing, the court can revoke your probation if the prosecution proves the alleged violation by a preponderance of the evidence.  This burden of proof is substantially lower than the one used during trials where guilt or innocence is determined.  Being found in violation does not necessarily mean a prison sentence.  Sometime the court will reinstate the individual on probation and give them a “second chance”.  Most Mesa probation violations that result in reinstatement require an additional jail term or other sanction.

Mesa Probation Violation Lawyer: Joshua S. Davidson

Mesa Probation Violation Attorney Joshua S. Davidson is a former felony prosecutor who has handled probation violation cases involving convictions ranging from DUI to sex offenses.  Depending on the charge for which you are on probation in Mesa, you could be facing as much as 15 years in prison if you are found in violation.  Mesa Probation Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson is committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients and will put his substantial experience to work for you when facing a probation violation charge in Mesa, Arizona.

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