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What to do if pulled over for DUI in Mesa

DO be polite to the police officer.

DO provide your license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration.

DO ask to speak to an lawyer right away.

DO politely inform the police that you wish to exercise your right to remain silent.

DO request to be released for an independent blood test.

DO NOT argue with the police – the side of the road is no place to litigate your case.

DO NOT resist arrest – you could be charged with a felony.

DO NOT try to "explain" the situation to the police – any statements you make could be taken out of context or twisted around to be used against you.

DO NOT give your consent for any searches.

DO NOT answer any questions or volunteer any information. Remember, you have the right to remain silent – Use it!

DO NOT do any roadside balance or eye tests.

DO NOT submit to a breath, blood, or urine test until after you have requested to consult with an attorney.

*These do’s and don’ts apply to most, but not all situations.

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